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Calico Blackout Roller Blind

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The calico blackout roller blind is the perfect accompaniment for any of your existing décor. This calico tone fits hand in hand with any colour, any palette and any taste. This neutral tone is light and airy with a dash of cream. Luxurious and elegant, this fabric has much more than stunning quality. Each of our blackout fabrics have a colour matched backing to ensure you get the beautiful colour inside and out.

The benefits of this blind are second to none, the properties of the fabric alone are outstanding and ensure safety and hygiene for your home. The fabric is not only fire retardant, it is coated in a special Acticide coating to protect your blinds from mould and mildew, making these blinds the perfect companion for your bathroom or kitchen. This coating also provides a protective barrier against microbes giving your home that extra defensive boost.

Our roller blinds are made with the same attention to safety detail, we supply you with a 'P' clip for cord safety, that fix’s to the wall, allowing easy maneuver of the cord while keeping it safe and secure.

  • Child Safe with 'P' clip chain tidy
  • Metal operating chain
  • Suitable for all rooms
  • Material is 100% Polyester
  • Front fabric wrapped bottom bar
  • Easy fit universal brackets for top, face and side fitting
  • Screws not included
  • Aluminium barrel –
    • 32mm diameter barrel up to 2m blind width
    • 40mm diameter barrel over 2m blind width 
    • 45mm diameter barrel over 2.5m blind width
  • Maximum width 3000mm, maximum drop 3100mm
  • Minimum width 300mm, minimum drop 300mm

When measuring for a roller blind there are 3 measuring options: Exact, Recess and Cloth size.

Exact: Choose this option if fitting outside the window recess. The measurement you provide will be for the entire blind including the mechanisms and the brackets. The fabric will be 35mm less in the width. Please ensure measurements allow for an overlap of the opening.

Recess: Choose this option if fitting inside the window recess. The required deductions will be made to ensure the blind fits perfectly within the recess. The measurements you provide for the width will be from bracket to bracket and the fabric will be 35mm less.

Cloth: Choose this option if the measurements you have are for the fabric/material. The overall blind size will be 35mm wider once the mechanism and brackets have been installed.

Measure: Roller

  Download our How to Measure Guide (PDF)

The pull control has been positioned as you requested when ordering. If you need to swap the side that the controls are on, change the roll direction or if you need to further trim the blind, simply unplug the controls from the tube. This should be done before you fix the brackets.

Fitting: Rollers

Decide which method of fixing you require, either TOP FIX/ FACE FIX or SIDE FIX. The blind has been supplied with universal fixing brackets to top fix into the ceiling / lintel directly above the blind, face fix onto the wall or window frame directly behind the blind or side fix into a window recess.

Once the brackets have been fitted, insert the blinds pin into the bracket (the pin is located at the opposite end of the blind controls). The control end will then fix into the opposite bracket.

Fitting: Rollers

Fitting: Rollers

Fitting: Rollers

There are two directions for roller blind fabric to immerse from their tube, these are known as ‘Standard’ or ‘Reverse’.


Standard sends the fabric down via the back of the tube, placing it closest to the window or wall it is mounted on. This method creates less light leakage when the blinds are mounted outside of a recess

Fitting: Rollers


Reverse places the fabric at the front of the tube therefore concealing the view of the tube. This method allows extra space fir window handles and other obstructions if you mount the blind inside a recess.

Fitting: Rollers

To alter the roll direction, the fabric must be fully unrolled so that the tube is revealed. Continue turning the tube in the same direction so that the fabric starts to roll up to the opposite side. To get the fabric to sit closer to the tube, run your hands along the fabric to loosely form a fold, and continue rolling the fabric back up.


All Roller blinds are come with a ‘P’ clip to fix to the wall. It must be installed at the maximum distance possible from the control mechanism to prevent looped cords becoming slack.

Ensure the chain is fully taut when placed into position.

Attach the retaining device using suitable fixings ensuring the device is fully closed.

WARNING: In the interest of safety, please keep all pull cords and chains out of the reach of children. Move cots, beds and other furniture away from blinds and install safety devices such as cleats and cord tidies to limit access to cords.


Fitting: Rollers

Universal Brackets

Fitting: Rollers

Child Safety P Clip

  Download our Roller Blinds Fitting Guide (PDF)

We do everything we can to make sure your chosen product is safe for your child. As a minimum, all of our blinds meet the European Standard BS EN 13120 for both performance and safety.

Beyond this, safety is at the forefront of our minds right through the design process as we strive to make products that are not only stylish and high-quality, but also safe.

BBSA Make it Safe from BBSA on Vimeo.

Please Note: We can only issue you with an estimated delivery date but aim to despatch our orders within 5 workings days from the time of purchase.

In addition to the product price, there will be a delivery charge of £7.96 to locations within mainland UK. The delivery charge will be shown on the order confirmation prior to completion of your order. Deliveries to Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and the Scottish Isles may be subject to an additional delivery charge. For further information, please see our delivery page.


Please order a FREE sample to ensure colour is correct. Samples will be posted to you within 2 working days.


Blinds made to your exact specification


As a standard, all blinds are sent within 3-5 days


Our blinds are made in our UK factory



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