How Do Day and Night Blinds Work?

TDLR Summary: Simply put; day and night blinds can go by a couple of names such as duo or vision blinds. They are a type of roller blind with two types of fabrics. One translucent (voile) and opaque (block out colour) stripes. The main benefit being you can match both opaque stripes to give a “blackout effect” or match both voile stripes to filter through light but still see outside.

day and night blinds

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What are Day and Night Blinds?

Here at BlindsCo, we supply day and night blinds otherwise known as twist blinds, vision blinds or duo blinds. Day and night blinds are unique because they have two types of fabrics as opposed to the basic one type. One layer is transparent while the other is the “block out colour”. By doing this it enables the ease of transition between day and night usage. As you can imagine this would work very well in a dining room, kitchen, conservatories and bedroom. The transparent part would be considered the day blind and the opaque or the block colour would represent the night blind. At your convenience, you can alter between two types of blinds.

day and night blinds

How do Day and Night Blinds Work?

Day and night blinds have a very smart sophisticated mechanism that adds a touch of class to any room within your home. Operated by a cord or motorised mechanisms, these blinds off maximal value and can add to your chosen decor.  As the cord is twisted it allows the materials that are a block colour or transparent to seamlessly glide past each other.  The day and night blinds are similar to roller blinds and Venetian blinds incorporating the best of both types of blinds into one hybrid.


What are the Benefits of Day and Night Blinds?

You may be wondering why are day and night blinds so popular? How can it benefit me? Or it sounds over complicated! Well, it is more advanced than your basic Venetian blinds for good reason.

  1. Versatile - they are perfect for domestic and commercial property. Sure to impress your hotel or apartment guest whilst at the same time giving your home a pleasant, high class and sophisticated ambience.
  2. Insulation - day and night blinds are double insulated because of the two fabrics helping to keep your house extra warm during the colder months whilst having a great view of the autumn leaves or the first trickling of snow in the winter.
  3. Shade - during the warm seasons, the glare from the summer heat can be off-putting and distracting. The “night blinds” version of the day and night blinds can give adequate shading
  4. Energy-efficient - the added benefit of insulation and shading can effectively control room temperature. This allows you to be more energy-efficient and potentially cut back on your energy bills.
  5. Improve home decor - day and night blinds can improve your home decor and the atmosphere of your home. Able to choose between an array of colours such as striking red, vibrant yellow, relaxing green or calming blue - the choices can be endless

But Do Day and Night Blinds Really Work? 

If you are thinking, do they really work and is it worth it? No problem, check our supplier’s video below, you essentially are getting two types of blinds in one and most of all they look awesome!


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