Do Blackout Blinds Help Baby Sleep Longer

TDLR Summary: In short, Yes! Blackout out blinds are perfect for blocking out the light that often keeps your child awake. Not only will blackout blinds help your child sleep for longer but they will help them fall asleep much quicker earning you a few more hours of well deserved rest. At BlindsCo, we have a range of
blackout blinds to suit any type of decor and needs. Now let's examine blackout blinds further.

What are Blackout Blinds? 

Blackout blinds are a type of blind that is designed to “block out the light” hence the name ‘blackout blind’. It is a roller blind with opaque/ block fabric within the cassette. The fabric runs within side channels to block out all light around the edges. 


blackout blinds

Why You Need Blackout Blinds

Let’s face it! As humans, the majority of us sleep better in a dark quiet room. There is science behind this we promise! Light acts as a suppressant for melatonin. Melatonin just happens to be that hormone that makes you sleepy. It stands to reason that completely blocking out the light can allow your little ones to fall asleep more easily in a darker room compared to a room with light beaming through. Babies have this same sleep requirement even more so than adults. The result of your baby not getting enough sleep would be:


  1. They become overtired and fidgety 
  2. They become moody and exhausted and too tired to relax
  3. Unsuccessful in getting your baby into a stable sleeping routine
  4. Your baby mixing up day and night

On the whole, it’s much more challenging for babies to fall asleep and stay in a room with too much light. This is where blackout blinds work amazingly and can save you time, hassle and sleepless nights! Blackout blinds are especially more important during the summer months where sunlight is more prevalent with soaring temperatures that will heat your baby's room from the sun’s UV rays. Blackout blinds not only can help with temperature control but can also help reduce your energy bills, allowing your home to be more energy-efficient. 

Benefit of Blackout Blinds?

At BlindsCo, our blackout blinds can improve the look and feel of your home decor. Available in many patterns and designs. Not only do blackout blinds improve the quality of sleep for your children but it has another whole host of benefits such as:


  • Improve sleep for migraine sufferers
  • Improve sleep for restless sleepers and insomniacs
  • Improves sleep for night work and those who of sporadic shifts
  • Improves sleep for those who suffer from light pollution 

Can Venetian Blinds Also Block Out Light?

You may be thinking, what other blinds can block out light? Venetian blinds are quite effective to minimise the amount of light that enters a room. White Venetian blinds are a resistant and reliable model that can block out 95% of light and darken the environment quite well. 

Here at BlindsCo, our Venetian blinds can be made to measure, available in aluminium or real wooden slats made to your exact specifications with guaranteed durability.

Plus, if you are looking for a bit of natural light coming through the windows first thing in the morning, Venetian blinds can be a perfect fit for less bright rooms like corridors and hallways.  

However, Venetian blinds are not able to completely block out the light. Even so, these are still excellent options to protect the rooms from the sun’s UV rays and make the space more beautiful and sophisticated.

Check out our range of blackout blinds, sure to help your little ones have a great and deep night sleep.



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