What are the Best Blind Styles for my Bathroom?

Posted on December 04, 2020

When looking for the perfect blinds for your bathroom, there are a few more options to consider than usual. Due to the nature of use of your bathroom, your blinds will have a few more elements to deal with when compared to other rooms. Hot showers and baths cause steam and moisture, which can cause damage to your blinds if you do not choose the right material. Here at Blinds Co, we have a range of options to suit your needs, that provide an easy clean style and a material that can withstand bathroom elements. We’ve outlined some styles and their benefits below. 


Vertical Blinds 

Vertical blinds offer versatile operation for light control and privacy. This is very important in the bathroom. Vertical blinds allow you to maintain a level of privacy, whilst making use of the natural light. Being able to partially open the blinds but still maintain privacy also provides control over humidity levels. This will allow you to slightly open the window during a hot shower to relieve steam caused by humidity. 

At Blinds Co we offer a range of Vertical Blinds in various different shades to match the design of your home. You can order a free sample on individual product pages, and also enter your measurements to get a quote. A guide on how to measure your blinds is also available.


Venetian Blinds 

Venetian Blinds are a perfect option for a bathroom blind. We have a range of Venetian Blinds in a selection of wood and aluminum. Again these blinds offer versatile operation for privacy. You can get a free quote for the measurements of your blinds or a free sample to ensure they’re the perfect match on our website. 

Both our aluminium and wooden venetian blinds offer an easy clean option, which is crucial in a bathroom setting. Built up moisture can cause damage to your blinds, however with this option you can wipe down each individual slat after a hot bath or shower to prevent this. The half open, half closed feature of this blind also means you'll be able to open your windows without losing privacy. This can also be a contributing factor in preventing moisture build up.


Perfect Fit Blinds

Sometimes bathrooms can have small tricky windows due to the nature of the architecture of the house meaning it can be hard to find suitable blinds. Our perfect fit Venetian blinds are a brilliant solution. Perfect for busy windowsills, perfect fit blinds cover each individual pane. We have a wide range of colour selections to suit the interior design of your home. Fitting a blind to each window pane, allows you even more control over privacy and the natural light levels being let into your home. 

You can get a quote on measurements and the exact specifications of our perfect fit venetian blinds on our website.

At BlindsCo we pride ourselves on our luxury blinds that can be made to your exact specification in our UK factory. As a standard all our blinds are delivered within 3-5 business days to avoid annoying lengthy wait times and prevent putting any potential decorating on hold.  For any further questions or advice contact us today.