The Best Patio Door Blinds

Posted on July 01, 2021

Patio Door Blinds

Patio doors are a popular home design feature among those who desire more of an open space concept for their homes. The large glass panels can make your space feel larger and more welcoming. They also allow more light into your room. Though they are a stunning design element, finding blinds to fit them can be a challenge. Here at Blinds Co, we have a range of blinds perfect for your patio doors

Patio Doors can pose difficulties with light control. Having the right privacy and light control whilst still being able to use your door can be a struggle. Window vanes and mechanisms can become tangled creating an obstacle every time you want to get through your door. We’ve compiled a list of the best patio door blinds to help you find a stylish solution to your problem. 


Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds 

Complete your room with a set of perfect fit Venetian blinds - a fantastic way to add extra colour and shade into any room of the home. These blinds will offer you control over privacy and the amount of light that comes into the room, with their perfect fit frames allowing for easy installation and maintenance. Due to being Perfect Fit Blinds, this means that you can get blinds for each of your patio doors. This will provide optimal light and privacy control, as well as eradicating any obstacles from tangled chords. 

You’ll be able to find perfect fit Venetian blinds in an array of different colours and styles within our range, including metallic and perforated - you’ll be sure to find the perfect set of blinds for your home here. We also have a range of materials and finishes to help you perfectly finish a room. 

White Blinds

Blinds are, quite simply, the smart and stylish choice for the windows in your home. With an easy-to-use tilt mechanism and a variety of different colours and finishes, you’ll love our wide range of blinds, fully made to measure to your exact specifications. From wood-effect to metallic finishes, you are bound to find a blind design that matches your decor. All our made to measure window blinds come with matching top and bottom rails for a consistent style, plus universal wall fixings that can be easily adapted for top or face installation. What’s more, for added peace of mind, all our blinds conform to UK standards for safety and performance.

White Blinds work perfectly for patio doors as they minimise the amount of light blocked whilst maximising privacy. Due to the lightness of the material, light can still flow through even when the blinds are closed. This is perfect for those cosy mornings when you desire a little privacy to start your day or light evenings. Our selection of White Blinds come in a range of materials and styles to help you suit them to your home. A blackout option is also available if you want to increase your light control and be able to completely blackout your room. 

Vertical Blinds 

Our wide range of vertical blinds are the perfect fit for any window in the home and will prove to be a fantastic addition to any room, whether it be for patio doors, a conservatory, or a living room - a set of vertical blinds will be a fantastic addition. They work towards regulating the temperature, help you control the light of the room, and build a much greater sense of privacy, all while adding an extra finishing touch to the decor of the room. 

In our collection of made to measure vertical blinds, you’ll find blinds in an assortment of different colours and textures, ensuring that you’ll find the right set to suit your decor. We provide blackout vertical blinds, which allow you to fully block out the sun and to get a better night’s sleep. Our vertical blinds are supplied with high-quality slimline head tracks, with them being durable and fully made to measure - on top of either face or top fix brackets, you’ll know that your choice will perfectly conform to UK standards of safety and performance.

To order the perfect blinds for your patio doors, visit Blinds Co today.